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Standard Process exists out of necessity, let me share why...


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"Daily, we are building a new body.  Our bodies break down ongoingly, and if the raw materials are present, it also rebuilds itself ongoingly.  In fact, the body is broken down at a rate of 24 billion cells per day.  Hopefully, 24 billion cells are re-made every day.  What happens when it’s not?   If one day the body is short 100,000 cells out of this 24 billion, is it going to function okay?  Yes it will.  But what if that happens every day – day in and day out for months or years?  “Degeneration” is when we break down faster than we rebuild.  Does that loss of a few hundred thousand cells at a time begin to have a negative effect?  Yes.  Will chemicals help solve those problems?   Can you use chemicals to build a healthy, plump, biologically active cell? Not a chance!  So using synthetic vitamins may give a quick fix (symptomatic relief), but it is doing nothing for building the body up."*  That is where whole foods supplementation can help!

*This article is the opinion of Dr. Holly Carling and used henceforth.  This does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Standard Process Inc

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If you are uncertain about whole food supplements, or have used Standard Process for years, be our guest at the headquarters of Standard Process in Palmyra, Wisconsin.   
We invite you to this exclusive, complimentary 2-day event that will teach you the founding principles behind Standard Process whole food nutrition and how to use SP core products in your practice.
This will make it easy for you to begin helping your patients achieve optimal health through the use of whole food nutrition

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2015 FARM TRIPS Join us! Get to the farm and SP picks up the resort and food (Ask SPLA about flight scholarships)

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Saturday, Dec 6th 2014

Dr. Stuart White DC, DECBN
Signs and Genetics

Hilton Garden Inn Del Mar, Ca. - 8:30-5:30 (8 DC & LAc CEu's pending)

Call David at (310)351-5357 or email david@spofla.com

Sat & Sun, Jan 24-25 2015

Dr. Stuart White DC DACBN, Lee Carroll BSc
Breaking the Code in Clinical Nutrition

Courtyard Marriott Sherman Oaks - 8:30-5:30 (8 DC & LAc CEu's pending)

Call David at (310)351-5357 or email david@spofla.com

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